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Azure Cloud Architect

LOCATION: Denver, Houston, or Lafayette


Job may be defined as that of an Azure Subject Matter Expert (SME) for a hybrid cloud compliance service. This job involves:

  • Working closely with customers, vendors, as well as internal engineering and development teams
  • Creating technical content such as compliance analyses, designs, specifications, whitepapers and technical tools
  • Providing consultation, design input, and feedback for development and design reviews across multiple architectures
  • Collecting product feedback from field interactions
  • Analyzing customer requirements and developing scripts



  • Industry knowledge on Azure, containerization, virtualization, data center automation and orchestration, secure computing, server management, and networking.
  • Knowledge of SCADA products.
    Ability to effectively communicate product architectures, design proposals and negotiate options.
  • Firm grasp on cloud security and compliance, leveraging Linux and Windows operating systems, using the Azure console and CLI (command line interface).
  • Well versed in designing product-quality software on Azure including experience in designing for high availability, building multi-zone and multi-region architectures, and designing across appropriate data layer technologies.
  • BS in engineering or equivalent with relevant work experience.
    Experience with Azure cloud.

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