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Cloud Data


By providing a unique blend of subject matter expertise and technological proficiency, TIGA helps leverage your most valuable asset: data. Our holistic integration approach offers speed, cost-efficiency, and the ability to adapt quickly to changing business needs, making it an ideal choice for modern organizations seeking operational excellence.

We understand how to effectively use technology in your industry.

TIGA is comprised of experts well-versed in process industries like energy, water, and manufacturing, as well as Cloud technology systems such as Azure and AWS. This means when you bring TIGA your use case, we can quickly identify the required data, where that data resides, orchestrate its migration to the necessary destination, and then visualize or analyze it in a useful way.

When working with our cloud engineers, you can trust that all of the nuanced details specific to your industry and how you collect and manage data will be used to tailor our comprehensive solution.

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Enterprise Integration

A hybrid approach to integrating cloud technology, information technology (IT), and operational technology (OT) is the most rapid and cost-efficient method for achieving seamless operational integration within an organization. This approach combines the capabilities of cloud-based solutions, which provide scalability, flexibility, and remote accessibility, with the strengths of IT and OT systems. IT systems handle data processing and digital communication, while OT systems manage physical processes and machinery.

By integrating these three components, businesses can harness the power of real-time data analytics, enabling swift decision-making, process optimization, and enhanced operational efficiency. Additionally, the cloud aspect of this hybrid approach allows for the cost-effective deployment and management of resources, eliminating the need for extensive physical infrastructure investments. 

Making Data Actionable

Harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning embedded in Cloud platforms, we don't just process data; we generate operational value.

Our key focus is ensuring that your data is not only visualized for enhanced user experience but also strategically presented to create a dynamic tool that propels your entire team towards more informed and effective decision-making.


Connector Suite

TIGA Cloud Connector is an integration tool that connects operational technology data with business analytics and cloud platforms. It utilizes native OT system APIs and data integration ramps to pull data and send it to destination systems without complicated programming.

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