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The TIGA Connector Suite is an integration tool that connects operational technology data with business analytics and cloud platforms. 


Get up and running in hours, not months

We utilize native OT system APIs and data integration ramps to pull data and send it to destination systems without complicated programming. Once the configuration is complete, TIGA Connector Suite can make millions of data points accessible in the cloud in real-time.


Realtime Operational Data Flow 

In addition to faster deployment and cost savings, TIGA Connector Suite provides the best quality data integration between systems.
  • Instantaneous flow of industrial data to consuming applications
  • Proxy data securely through multiple network layers
  • Provides a simple transformation layer
  • Data is easily accessible to perform data analytics, machine learning, and dashboarding 

Substantial Cost Savings

TIGA’s Connector Suite typically costs 75% less than other solutions in development, integration, and testing costs. Upkeep and ongoing maintenance is minimal. It can be managed by in-house teams or TIGA.


Interested in TIGA Connector Suite?

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