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Operations Software

TIGA's ∫OPS is the process industry's first multi-platform, interactive dashboard web application for SCADA systems.


Easily view, analyze, and operate your assets from anywhere

Using ∫OPS (Integrated Operations), we build custom interfaces that aggregate data from multiple applications without the typical custom software development timeline and financial investment. Replace slower and outdated visualization tools common in industrial SCADA applications with a modern user experience.


Benefits of ∫OPS 

Beyond the user-friendly, responsive interface, ∫Ops improves operational efficiency and reduces operating costs. 

  • Flexible: Built for the unique challenge of your environment, ∫Ops integrates data from multiple systems. This allows you to modernize interfaces without updating older systems that still provide needed functions.
  • Accessible: Instant remote access to operational data allows more informed decisions. Our solution improve responsiveness to production & maintenance issues.
  • Cost-effective: ∫Ops provides the flexibility and extensibility of custom software near the cost of off-the-shelf product implementations.

Core Features


Easily Navigate and Search

Data Driven from existing asset model in SCADA


GIS Maps with Realtime Data

View realtime data with geographic context based on coordinates stored in SCADA


Operate and Control Equipment

Securely send commands to control and configure devices such as pump and chokes


Set and Manage Alarms

Links to system can be embedded in alarm email and text notification, directing users directly to areas of concern.


Customizable Trend Dashboard

Save, organize, and order persistent trends based on priority across all devices


Manual Data Entry

Available online & offline. No installation or app download required.



Our application was critical to a recent project with CNX Resources. ∫Ops allowed their team to be more flexible and productive, all while reducing overhead costs.