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Media Labs

Where innovation happens

Learn more about our research and development process.


TIGA Media Labs is where innovation happens at TIGA with the knowledge management of domain, application and technical expertise gained through services to our customers.

TIGA’s research and development group works with the subject matter experts of IIoT and Cloud data group and Systems and Engineering group to create intellectual property (IP) that distinguishes us from other integrators and also help develop hosted / SaaS models in future.

IP Families established by 2 key elements:

1. Connectivity – Solutions to connect operational technology data with business, analytics and cloud platforms
- OT Connectors Anywhere

2. Mobility Products and applications developed to enhance the productivity  of a mobile workforce and the need for flexibility in control systems
- IOT Anywhere

IoT Anywhere

Integrated Operations

TIGA’s ∫OPS is the process industry’s first multi-platform, interactive dashboard web application for SCADA systems.

Easily view, analyze, and operate your assets from anywhere. Using ∫OPS, we build custom interfaces that aggregate data from multiple applications without the typical custom software development timeline and financial investment. Replace slower and outdated visualization tools common in industrial SCADA applications with a modern user experience.

OT Connectors Anywhere

Connector Suite

TIGA Cloud Connector is an integration tool that connects operational technology data with business analytics and cloud platforms. It utilizes native OT system APIs and data integration ramps to pull data and send it to destination systems without complicated programming.