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The Integration Group of Americas Inc.

Increase reliability, safety, operational efficiency, and data-driven decisions by leveraging our innovative technologies.




TIGA       / ˈtaɪ gə, taɪˈgɑ /

A systems integration and engineering services company strategically placed to meet the needs of the economy driven by energy, water, and data.


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Our Expertise. Your Value.

Industrial IoT & Cloud Data and Systems & Engineering Solutions 

From on-site support to remote analytic packages, we're able to provide engineering capability that addresses and solves operational problems, including safety, processes, and efficiency.


TIGA Locations



Available Across the U.S.

As the Integration Group of Americas Inc, we are geographically positioned in key markets and ready to serve our clients. In addition to strategic locations in three states, our employees work all across the U.S.
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Serving Industrial Markets

Through automation, engineering, control systems, and on-site presence, we deploy technology to streamline your processes to maximize efficiency and productivity. This includes providing innovative solutions for challenges in multiples industries:

  • Water Infrastructure

  • Oil & Gas 

  • Manufacturing  

  • Energy

  • Life Sciences 

  • Renewables 

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Technologies & Partners


Docker cygnet Quorum Inductive Automation Ignition Copadata Wonderware Canary ABB Rockwell Emerson Siemens Schneider cloudera OSIsoft Angular Seeq React nodej Java mongodb Visual Studio Code Kepware JavaScript nifi Azure mqtt Ionic Spark Esri autosol MiscrosoftNet Xamarin Html5 Apache Storm IOS autosol Python TypeScript-1 microsoft net Android-1 AWS-1

Our Solutions for Industrial Companies

See how TIGA has been able to help clients not only overcome their unique struggles but thrive in their industry by checking out our use cases below!

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The Future of Control Systems Engineering

As our smart phones, laptops, and smart home devices continue to evolve at a rapid rate, the...

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How Can TIGA Help With Systems Integration Solutions?

Seeking superior SCADA, Control System or software solutions in oil and gas?

You're at the right...

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The Benefits Of Implementing MQTT In Real World Industrial Solutions

Recently, our experts here at TIGA attended the IOGC conference to stay up to date on the...


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