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Cloud SCADA 


Our cost-effective system is tailored to your operations and built to grow with your business throughout the asset lifecycle.

Track, display, and analyze data
in real-time

Operate assets from virtually any device

Real-time notifications, alerts, and alarms

Powered by Leading Technology

Ideal for small to medium operators, our cloud-based solution allows for faster start-up time and less upfront investment than traditional SCADA systems. Built using the Ignition platform, our hosted SCADA offers powerful controls and flexibility while reducing the need for on-premise resources and staff.


∫OPS Interface and Graphics

TIGA's proprietary application provides a user-friendly, responsive interface. Users can monitor real-time data, view historical trends, acknowledge alarms, and efficiently operate remote assets from any device.

Scalable Model

Our technology is built to take your processes from a hosted (SAAS) solution to a licensing model while keeping the same core SCADA system in place. If your device totals increase or your processes evolve to require more controls, this flexibility will minimize future costs and downtime during migration to an on-premise solution.


Interested in Cloud SCADA?

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