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Software Solutions

Developing software solutions to meet your needs.


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Specific to your business

Our software development team enhances your current systems to meet the changing needs of your users and your business. We work with you to develop customized software applications based on your needs. At TIGA, "customized" does not mean unmaintainable. We are not "empire builders." We want you to be able to support, maintain, and leverage your solutions.


Why is this valuable? 

Innovation and speed are an edge over your competition and critical for success in the market. Flexible systems tailored to your requirements, with expandable capabilities, give you that edge. TIGA rapidly deploys our teams to define, scope, develop, and handoff your solution with the urgency and expertise required to ensure your success. 

Software Development | TIGA

Loosely Coupled. Tightly Integrated.

Our software solutions team has developed operational technology connectors that allow OT database integration of SCADA data to the Cloud.

We ensure that your software is not only customized to your needs but also optimized to effectively operate at the highest level. 

Tight Integration | TIGA

Use Cases

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Software Engineering & Development
Application Programming Interface (API) Design & Implementation
Software OT Connector Consulting & Development
ETL Data Integration
Business Process Automation
Data Conversion and Migration
Database & Warehouse Design & Implementation



HTML5 SCADA Mobility & Offline Data Entry

Pub/Sub Messaging Broker

Integration Failure Monitoring Solution

Citizen App (Covid-19 iOS) Application

Liquids Management Suite


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