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Company News

TIGA is now CSIA Certified!

May 25, 2021
The Integration Group of Americas, Inc. (TIGA) is pleased to announce that it is now a Control Systems Integrators Association (CSIA) Certified Integrator.  TIGA has undergone the exhaustive auditing process in order to provide greater value and project success  to our clients.


What is CSIA?

The CSIA Certification is uniquely designed for control system integration companies. The audit to achieve certification verifies business practices and is available only to CSIA members.

Why is CSIA Certification a good thing for clients?

  1. CSIA Certification indicates that an integrator complies with CSIA’s Best Practices in the
    following areas of their business:
    • General Management
    • Human Resources Management
    • Financial Management
    • Marketing, Business Development and Sales Management
    • Project Management
    • System Development Lifecycle
    • Supporting Activities
    • Quality Assurance Management
    • Service and Support
  1. CSIA Certification removes the burden from the client of auditing the business practices of the system integrator. However, technical capabilities must still be determined. Good business practices are as critical for success as technical capabilities.
  2. A CSIA Certification program for control system integrators is like requiring
    licenses for doctors, certification for accountants, and licenses for plumbers and electricians. You’re more likely to get good results when your service provider has proper credentials.
In summary, working with a CSIA Certified company reduces the risk of project failure and increases the probability of success!



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