What is TIGA's automated P-18 reporting solution?

P-18 reporting is a challenge, but TIGA has developed a new solution to make it easier to meet the requirements.  Best of all, this solution is device-agnostic and can work with the hardware you already have in place. 

TIGA's solution is built on the Ignition platform to collect, manage, and report truck ticketing. This product replaces the need for manual data entry, improving both data accuracy and employee efficiency in meeting this regulatory requirement.

The P-18 solution leverages Ignition Edge Panel to handle ticket entry and truck unloading control.
P18 image

How Does it Work?

As shown in the diagram:

  • Tickets are centralized using MQTT Sparkplug B Records which leverages store & forward technology to minimize the risk of data loss and optimize bandwidth usage.
  • Tickets are then consolidated into a centralized SQL Database and managed using Ignition Vision.
  • Operator and Lease information from the Railroad Commission of Texas is integrated and synchronized down to the edge using Ignition Enterprise Administration Module to minimize manual entry requirements on tickets.
  • The P-18 and H-10 Reports are then generated using Ignition SCADA Realtime and Ticket Data

Are you ready to make your reporting requirements easier on your business?

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