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What Can The New SCADA Do For Your Oilfield Automation?

TIGA Jan 26, 2019
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If you are in the manufacturing business, then there is one thing you are awfully familiar with, and that is the necessity of having a quality SCADA software.
And, for those non-manufacturing readers out there, SCADA stands for supervisory control and data acquisition. 
The software is used to gather, control, and monitor data from all of the manufacturing automated processes from the plant floor all the way to the executive suites.



Yet, as necessary as having a SCADA system in place may be, most users know how outdated, slow, and awfully expensive to license they can be. 
By now though, this late into the 21st century, most companies have moved beyond the confines of the old outdated SCADA software and made the jump to a new system.
One that leaves behind prehistoric licensing models and restricted technology. This Ignition software dropped the “per seat” licensing and implemented a new pricing structure based around the “server"
The New SCADA is not your average Ignition Software.
This system paves the way by reducing painful frustrations and drastically increasing efficiencies.
And on top of changing the game in regard to the licensing and technology model, The New SCADA goes further to provide an entirely new business model and ethical model.
Ignition works to prevent data silos from forming within your organization. 
So if you are sick and tired of your software slowing your company growth down, give us a call and ask what The New SCADA and our high performance team here at TIGA can do for you.
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