TIGA addresses the downstream sector of the oil & gas industry by growing a strong team of skilled project managers and engineers to engineer and commission various control, measurement and safety system services. Engineering & commissioning activities also cover integration with third party systems (packaged systems) , plant information systems and business systems.



• Gas Compressor Control Systems
• Oil & Gas Storage
• Oil & Gas Metering Systems
• Environmental Systems


• Alarm Management/Alarm Rationalization (S18)
• Control and Monitoring Systems
• DCS, PLC and Hybrid Systems
• Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) (S84)
• I&C Design for Hazardous Environments
• Control Panel - Design and Supply
• Preventive Maintenance Services
• Training
• Plant Systems Integration
• Data Historian
• Reporting
• Web Based Views (Real-time Managed Data Portals)

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